Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chairs

With Dual Motor Riser Recliners Chairs, the two motors work independently. One motor controls the footrest and the other deals with the backrest, which results in a lot more flexibility, allowing you to adjust the footrest and backrest to your preferred position independently of each other. Furthermore, you can fully recline the backrest on a dual motor riser recliner, should you wish to sleep in a horizontal position.


You are provided with four or more buttons on the handset, one each for the ‘up’ position and the same number for ‘down’. This may prove complicated for dementia patients but the majority of customers will quickly adapt to the flexibility it represents. Dementia patients may however prefer to use a single motor riser recliner for simplicity of use.


On some models, there is a fifth button for returning you to the general seating position. Both the backrest and the footrest work together for this option. It is extremely useful when you wish to get up and out of the chair quickly to answer the phone or door. It avoids confusion when in a hurry.

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  1. Dakota Riser Recliner Chair Dual Motor
    £634.80 £529.00
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  2. Lars Riser Recliner Chair Dual Motor
    £732.00 £610.00
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    £570.00 £475.00
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  6. Nevada Riser Recliner Chair Dual Motor
    £598.80 £499.00
    The Nevada Riser Recliner Armchair features a dual motor mechanism, allowing you to elevate and recline the leg rest... Learn More
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